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Born and raised in Northern California, Jason grew up skate boarding and break dancing throughout his teen years.  His love of music and talent developed into an aspiring pop/rap artist.  Even then he harbored an interest for the ever evolving pop youth culture by way of being into fashion, specifically street wear.   When he relocated from Santa Rosa to hit the ground running in LA, he had ideas of pursuing his musical talent, a potential rap career.  Jason had no idea he’d land here… finding his niche in front of a camera.


His tall, slender build, blue eyes and acclaimed body art (literally too many tattoos to count), combined with his love of shopping opened doors to fashion opportunities for Jason.  Those who have solicited Jason for projects and worked with him professionally would also tell you it helps that he is incredibly photogenic.  Jason’s cutting edge ink along with his down to earth personality, create an original look that is unique to modern pop culture.


The “look”:  His height, trim build, and most of the tats that cover him everywhere visible suggest metal or punk rock enthusiast, but his real taste in music lies in Hard Gangster rap and a special preference towards R&B love songs. That could be what creates the smile behind those blue eyes the camera can’t look away from.


Jason’s dry wit and engaging charm attract strangers, friends and professionals alike.  He subscribes to being genuine and appreciates that quality in others.  This shows in his work ethic and is what he attributes his success on the far side of the lens to, as well as the opportunities that have led him to work with renowned photographers he’s stoked to have been photographed by.  Jason likes to relish in the important things in life like having a since of humor and knowing yourself well enough not to take yourself too seriously… In Q&A’s over his tattoos, he is often asked what they all mean or “are certain ones special?”  Jason says “They don’t all have to mean anything.”  “I collect what I like.” “I’m always adding.”


Jason jokingly refers to himself as “sexually magnetic.”  Those who know him know he’s not kidding.  Just ask his many Instagram’ followers or women he’s dated.  They’ll most likely smile and confirm. All jokes aside, Jason is most proud and grateful to have reached an ultimate goal, living the dream here in LA by getting paid to do what he loves.  “You can’t get much luckier than that.”


If one were to ask Jason who he is… He might say: “Just a guy…” It’s perhaps this casualness that goes without effort joined by his intense appearance that creates the wining statement in all his photographs.

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