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Jenae has been training in Martial arts for over 10 years. She has studied Ju Jitsu, Muay Thia, Boxing and Pankration. She has had over 15 combined fights with a cumulative record of 13-2. In 2012 she had the honor of representing The United States on Team USA. Liron Wilson heads her training camp and over sees her over all game. She prefers to us her striking in a fight and is very comfortable from fighting in the pocket. She works with boxing coach Joseph Falzone at King of Kings in Covina. As of late she has been working hard on Ju jitsu  with coach Brandon Bender to be more comfortable with that aspect of her game. Once on the ground she can hold her own. For strength and conditioning, Jenae works a strenuous program with Matt Durant out of the University of La Vern. 

Jenae has taken her experience as a fighter and uses them to give motivational speeches and encourage young women in their life's goals. One of her favorite parts of fighting is being able to talk with ladies and being able to inspire others to fight for what they want in life. 

Also Jenae follows the Vegan diet. Not only for her health but for the sake of animal well fare

Along with fighting and motivational speaking, Jenae also models. She has been in several magazines and the face of several campaigns. She has modeled for animal rights campaigns and vegan clothing lines.


Jenae is the Co-founder of Stay Safe LLC, an organization that teaches women and children of all ages how to "Stay Safe" in their environment. 


Jenaes slogan of "own it, love it, be it" encourages people that no matter what they want to be in life they need to OWN who that person is, LOVE that life, and just BE what they want to be.


    How did you got involved in MMA? 

JENAE - Many moons ago I moved into a house that had two professional fighters. Javi Vasquez and Gabe Rudigur. They both took me to their gyms and trained me in ju jitsu and muay thai! I got my but kicked everyday for the first 6 months and loved it!

     What are your your MMA accomplishments to date(that you care to mention? 

JENAE - I think my biggest accomplishment was representing Team USA at the World Games for sports MMA in 2012. Winning the gold in the USA and bring home the bronze in the worlds was such a great feeling and an honour. I hope in 2014 I can be back on my game and take home the Gold in the Worlds!

      What are some upcoming events we should watch out for? 

JENAE - After a recent set back I am back at the gym full time again! I am hoping to get back either on the cage or on the mats in October. I will get back in the cage before the end of this year and I will keep you posted!

When did you decide to live sober? 

JENAE - One day 10 years ago I was in Salt Lake City for training and was recording my training. One of the bands I was friends with was in town and one night after training we went for sushi. At sushi we all shared, I don't know how many bottles of Sake. Still having my camera in hand the rest of the nights events were all caught on tape. The next morning I had to go to train and it was the worse training of my life. I hated it. I was so sick, my timing was off, I had no energy and it was ugly. After training I watched the video and happened to rewind the video to far. Watching how incredibly stupid I was acting and how incredibly unclassy it was I decided I would never drink again. I was an athlete and a roll model, was that really what I wanted to be portrait as or the message I wanted to represent? I was recently in an verbally and mentally abusive relationship where it seemed to just dismiss the pain, to numb the situation, escape from the crappy situation i was in, it was easier to drink. I drank one night and in the morning the problems were still there and I had a headach. I had to remember who I was and that if I continued to drink I would wake up everyday in the situation and every night hurt my body by trying to escape. So I wasn't going to drink again and get out of that relationship so one day I could go to bed happy and wake up healthy. It was really really hard but I'm out now and not still living in that mess daily. 

 What it means to you to live sober?
JENAE - To me living sober means to stay substance free, to live life with a clear conscience and to handle life head on. Sometimes people will drink to numb a problem but in the morning the problem is still there. If you face life, handle the problem, you grow, become stronger and can leave the past behind you, handled and over.  

    Do you have any advice to our fans on how to stay sober? Some things you do instead of getting drunk or       high? 

JENAE - Some advice I have for fans? There is a lot!! One, find a really strong why. Why are you living sober? Make sure its strong. You want to be healthy, you want to stop hurting people, you want to live a real life instead of a drunk/fake one, you want a manageable life, you want to be a good influence, you don't want to die, what ever your reason is make sure its strong in your mind. Then remind yourself in a positive way your why "today I choose to be healthy honor my body and make healthy choices" "today I choose to help people instead of hurt people" "today i choose to take what life throws at me and kick its butt clean minded." Take your why and make it a positive thing. Set goals in life and focus on moving forward towards your goal. have a purpose. Mine is to be a positive influence to as many young ladies and women as possible, to be the best I can be at everything I do, to achieve more today then I did yesterday and most of all to be true to myself. the only way I can achieve that is with a sober mind and a sober conscience. 
I never have the urge to drink, I drank as a young adult because I thought people wanted me to, or it made me fit in more, or people would like me more. Now that I am older and have learned the importance of being true to myself I no longer need that negative affirmation. Its empowering to say no I'm ok I don't need to drink. it became a challenge. People would try and get me to drink and each time I stood up for myself and my beliefs it felt empowering.

Sometimes when I'm having a hard day I pray. I know God has a beautiful plan for my life and I know there's a reason for this lesson. I pray for guidance and patients. I have faith that if he lead me to it he will lead me through it. I know that life might seem hard and stressful but do you want to deal with it one day or every day? I also get exercise. I hit the punching bag, run, train, anything to get my endorphins up. Its a bodies natural high and after you work out you have a clear head and are empowered. 

Here's my funny one. Some people say I need to drink to let loose and have a good time. Try staying sober at a party and enjoy watching all the funny things people do. In the morning you might be the only one who remembered the night and you get to inform everyone of all the funny, crazy things they did! I use to bring cranberry juice to parties and when people would ask if I wanted a drink I would hold up my juice and wink and say no thank you. Let them take the wink for what they wanted it to mean. I knew every time I went out that I was going to be ok to drive home and sober minded to help those who were not get home safely. 



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